Monday, November 7, 2016

Mansfield Plumbing Summit Dual Flush Toilet. @Mansfieldonline #Review

 Six years ago, my boyfriend purchased his home which was newly built. It was in pristine condition. Not much was needed when he first moved in. And over the years tiny cosmetic changes were put in place to upgrade the home and recently we decided to upgrade the master bathroom. New fixtures were added and we are currently debating on the best color to paint the main wall. With these small changes it gave that bathroom an appeal but I kept thinking we could do more.

Mansfield Plumbing saved the day, I received an e-mail asking if I would be interested in reviewing
one of their toilets. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity and started viewing the handful of
styles. After discussing with my boyfriend, we decided on the Mansfield Plumbing Summit Dual Flush Toilet.

We received the Mansfield Plumbing Summit Dual Flush Toilet. This toilet came with a ceramic bowl, ceramic tank with trim, plastic toilet seat and a chrome push button actuator. The only thing we needed to purchase was a new 'O Ring'. 

Installing a toilet initially scared me and after watching the guys I realized it is much easier.  First, you will want to turn off your water to the toilet. Then the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor will need to removed. Once these have been removed, you can move the old toilet out of the bathroom. Just be careful in case water is still in the tank. At this point, you may want to remove the 'O Ring' or wax ring. If this gets old you can encounter leaks and other costly issues. Once this has been replaced simply set the toilet on top of it and apply pressure by sitting on the toilet. Secure the new bolts. The water line is ready to be attached and can be turned on once completed. Keep an eye out for leaks as you fill the tank. Congratulations, on your first successful toilet install! 

The Summit Dual Flush Toilet is a great investment for you to consider as an upgrade for your bathroom. The elongated bowl fits perfectly into tight spaced and it's offered in the following colors: white, bone and biscuit. This style offers the PuraClean easy-to-clean glaze and let me tell you I am still very intrigued with the dual flush. I absolutely love this feature as it allows enough water for both features. Simply push down on the first button if you have less to flush down or the second button if you have more waste. 

For your next bathroom renovation check out Mansfield Plumbing. They have a great selection of
toilets, tubs, sinks and much more!  

Please visit the Mansfield Plumbing website to see the great selection of products that they offer and convenient shopping locations. Also, follow Mansfield Plumbing on facebook and youtube for the latest product announcements and special offers.

Product: (1) Summit Dual Flush Toilet model 388-3386 in white and (1) toilet seat, model 007473700 in white.

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