Wednesday, November 23, 2016

GPS Origins™ DNA test result. #HolidayGiftGuide


At last, science can help you answer the compelling questions: Who am I? Where does my genetic path begin?

GPS Origins™ will uncover your ancestry, specifically the journey of your DNA which shaped who you are today.

Learn about the distinct genetic communities that share your origins, the routes your DNA traveled, and why it settled in particular places. Your DNA reflects exciting events throughout evolutionary history!

GPS Origins unique algorithm, developed by Dr Eran Elhaik and his team at the University of Sheffield, identifies with unprecedented accuracy where and when the key parts of your genetic makeup were formed.

Let’s begin your journey…..

#1 Fennoscandia 19.1%

Origin: Peaks in the Iceland and Norway and declines in Finland, England, and France

#2 Southern France 16.5%

Origin: Peaks in south France and declines in north France, England, Orkney islands, and Scandinavia

#3 Orkney Islands 14.3%

Origin: Peaks in the Orkney islands and declines in England, France, Germany, Belarus, and Poland

#4 Western Siberia 10.4%

Origin: Peaks in Krasnoyarsk Krai and declines towards east Russia

#5 Southeastern India 9.6%

Origin: Endemic to south eastern india with residues in Pakistan

#6 Basque Country 9.1%

Origin: Peaks in France and Spain Basque regions and declines in Spain, France, and Germany

#7 Sardinia 5.7%

Origin: Peaks in Sardinia and declines in weaker in Italy, Greece, Albania, and The Balkans

#8 Tuva 5.6%

Origin: Peaks in south Siberia (Russians: Tuvinian) and declines in North Mongolia

#9 Northern India 2.9%

Origin: Peaks in North India (Dharkars, Kanjars) and declines in Pakistan

#10 The Southern Levant 2.8%

Origin: This gene pool is localized to Israel with residues in Syria

#11 Northwestern Africa 1.4%

Origin: Peaks in Algeria and declines in Morocco and Tunisia

#12 Central America 1%

Origin: Peaks in Mexico and Central America with residues in Peru

#13 Pima County: The Sonora 1%

Origin: Peaks in Central-North America and declines towards Greenland and Eskimos

#14 Western South America 0.5%

Origin: Peaks in Peru, Mexico, and North America and declines in Eastern Russia
 For many years I've questioned what I am and as usual my mother would quote 'Heinze 57' meaning I'm a mixture of everything or a mut. Well, after 31 years I've finally gotten to the bottom of it and I feel so much better knowing the truth. GPS Origins™ DNA test is painless and the results come back within four to six weeks.

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