Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Butler Brand: Great Products to Simplify Holiday Cleaning. @ButlersBrand

Clorox Spin Dry Mop; Retail Price: $26.99
Consumers can now effortlessly conquer messy floors with the Clorox Spin Dry Mop from Butler. Featuring the company's exclusive Spin Drive™ Technology, this new mop allows consumers to avoid the twisting, squeezing and hard-to-use foot pumps required by traditional mops and other spinning mops. Additionally, the dual material mop head effortlessly spins out dirty water; includes a center pad for scrubbing tough spots; and has a pivoting mop head to reach under furniture and tight places. Consumers can also control the dampness of the mop head, depending on how much water is needed for a given task. The Clorox Spin Dry Mop is also reusable, washing machine friendly, and can detach into two pieces that fit nicely in the included bucket for compact storage.

Mr. Clean Breeze Mop; Retail Price: $14.99
Cleaning floors is now easier than ever with this new self-wringing microfiber mop. The Mr. Clean Breeze Mop is designed with an innovative technology that allows consumers to use it both wet or dry. With a head that snaps back into place for wringing or storage, the Mr. Clean Breeze Mop picks up dust, pet hair and debris quickly and efficiently, and takes the strain out of cleaning with a convenient self-wringing feature. Other features include a washable and reusable microfiber pad.

Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves; Retail Price: $3.99
The Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves aren't just for washing dishes; they can be used to aid in cleaning any room in the house. Designed with a 12-inch long cuff and a waffle pattern that offers a superior grip, the gloves feature an ultra-plush lining that keeps hands and arms dry and comfortable while cleaning. Additionally, the gloves are made from a latex-free material that is resistant to chemicals, and offers a great alternative to consumers who are allergic to latex.

Dawn Elite Gloves; Retail Price: $6.99
The Dawn Elite Gloves are designed with super premium latex and a seamless knit reinforced cuff with hanging loops. The loops make it simple for consumers to hang the gloves in an easy-to-reach place, so they are always on hand when it's time to clean.

Dawn Scrubtastic Sponge; Retail Price: $3.49
The innovative new Scrubtastic™ Sponge from Dawn can quickly and easily adapt to any cleaning chore. The sponge's Thermal Scrub Technology™ (TST) allows it to remain stiff when used in cold water, though it becomes more pliable when used in warm or hot water.Whether consumers need to scrub away heavy-duty oven grease or clean the inside of a delicate wine glass, the Scrubtastic Sponge is more than up to the task. Additionally, the sponge's material is designed to resist food particle buildup, and its open cell structure allows for superior sudsing when used with Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Dawn Wiping Sponge; Retail Price: $2.49
The new Dawn Wiping Sponge has a larger wiping surface that makes it ideal for cleaning countertops and other large smooth surfaces in the kitchen. The premium cellulose sponge is made without the scrubber side featured in most sponges on the market, making it perfect for wiping down surfaces and differentiating it from the sponge consumers use to clean their dishes. This differentiation provides a sponge that is solely dedicated to cleaning countertop and similar surfaces, helping consumers avoid cross-contamination.
Evercare Belle Vie Lint Rollers; Retail Price: $3.49 - $4.49
Fashion and function come together in Evercare's stylish Belle Vie (French for "good life”) lint rollers. The unique handles are available in two different sizes and three new patterns - bold black and white, floral, and a geometric blue and white swirl. Since the easy-peel sheets get replaced, not the handle, consumers can choose a handle that reflects their personality and keep it for continued use. These new Belle Vie lint rollers join two distinctive patterns that are already available on the market: decorative black and white and a festive pastel.

Evercare Lint Flip Compact Lint Roller
The Evercare Lint Flip Compact Lint Roller comes in a smaller size, but is every bit as sticky.  Plus, it’s perfect for a purse or handbag, as its handle flips shut to act as a cover, protecting the sticky sheets and preventing the lint roller from becoming attached to anything or attracting debris.

Evercare Sweater Cleaning Stone
The Sweater Cleaning Stone will change the way consumers clean or dust off their garments.  The stone replaces traditional pumice stones and is made of 98% recycled glass and is 100% sustainable.  It removes pilling from wool and synthetic material without snagging or cutting threads like a pumice stone would, or creating excess dust like other sweater stones.  Made in America.


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