Monday, October 17, 2016

Style Preferences – White Boho Dresses

Think about the way you might dress if you were meeting a friend for a game of tennis. Would you

be the one in a co-ordinated outfit with ruffles on your panties and socks, or the one wearing a

comfortable over-sized T-shirt outside your shorts?

Think about how you might dress for a special date. What did you wear on your most recent

anniversary or the last time you were wined and dined? Was it a body hugging mini-dress or a lace

blouse and velvet skirt, or even a dressy jump suit?

So many varying ingredients go into making up one’s personal style that an actual definition is all but

impossible, but there is no doubt that style is shaped more by the subjective factors of attitude and

personality than by the concrete principles of fashion. Proportion, line, colour, and texture are

merely the tools of style. Style is the person herself – a person who believes in herself so much and

is so aware of the way she wants to look that she just puts it over. Style comes from within and is

simply displayed on the exterior.

Clothes constantly reflect what a person is about, but they don’t alter or change it. It is the

substance, the continuity of the person that is important.

Also note that a well-dressed woman is always well groomed. Her hair, her clothes, her nails, her

overall appearance speaks of proper grooming. She has the right clothes for the right occasion. This

gives her great confidence.

If you ignore your own personality and buy clothes influenced by glossy magazines, or by what your

friends buy and wear, you could end up with a wardrobe which is a muddle of styles. This would

limit your flexibility in mixing and matching to create combination outfits, and prevent you from

getting the most value from your clothing investments.

Meanwhile keep these basics in mind:

Wear your clothes: don’t let them wear you, you want to be remembered for who you are, not for

your smart black suit, or red polka dot dress.

Keep it simple. If you do decide to go all out and call a lot of attention to yourself (transparent

blouse; tight, tight skirts or pants), make sure you can handle the reactions.

Subtly play up your strengths. Figure out what you like best about yourself and let it shine through

like a beacon. You can play it safe with a white boho dress.

Don’t try to alter your style or personality to suit the occasion. This is a trap that ensnares a great

many people, but it is not relevant to life today, when individuality is prized and respected. Feeling

natural and selfconscious is an earmark of great style, and it shows in the way you carry your

clothes. Just be yourself wherever you are.

Stick with the colors, lines and shapes that work for you. If every time you wear a certain white

boho dress, for instance, you get comments on how great you look, and how beautiful your eyes are,

why go looking for a green blouse after?