Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Lava® Lamp Releases New Unique Lamps for Upcoming Holiday Season @LavaLamp

From Stocking Stuffers to Festive Décor,
New Items from Pop-Culture Icon This Halloween & Holiday Season
 Always reinventing and staying on-trend, Lava® Lamp introduces new designs in the same iconic shape, plus adds LED lighting to the mix! From an interactive chalkboard and mini volcano to a simulated fireplace, these lamps go beyond Lava® motion and breathe new life into the ever-popular “original shape of cool!” Available starting August 1st and perfect for the holiday season, Lava® Lamp stays fresh with fun twists on an old favorite.

Lava® Lamp, a pop-culture icon since 1965, has added many innovative ideas into their designs including etching on the glass (Frosted), combining glitter and wax (Double Play) and adding sound (Halloween)!  “While we celebrate our iconic brand and heritage we are always looking to the future and pushing innovation, says Clay Farnsworth, President and CEO.  Our team is constantly refreshing the product offering to stay on top of current trends and introducing new novelty lighting that steps out of our iconic shape so that we have a well-rounded, exciting product line to offer our fans.” 

The new lamps include (photo shown from left to right):
·         Glitter Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Chalkboard Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Glittermax™ Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Frosted Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Halloween Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Double Play™ Lava® Lamp – 18.5” ($59.99)
·         17” Lava® Lamps – Rainbow Glitter, Rainbow and Travel Deco ($24.99)
·         Fireplace Lamp – 14.5” ($24.99)
·         Sandcastle Lamp – 14.5” ($24.99)
·         LED Lava® Lamp – 10” ($9.99)
·         Mini Volcano Lava® Lamp – 10” ($14.99)

Switching gears from lamps to lights, Lava® Lamp unveils battery-operated LED pull and string lights, perfect for parties, dorm rooms, lockers and more! No wall power sourced needed, light can be added to any space with the pull lights or color changing string lights, which are available in seven fun motifs – stars, hearts, bows, flip flops, popsicles, flamingos and the Lava® Lamp iconic shape.

For more information and/or to purchase, visit www.lavalite.com. Beginning August 1st, all lamps and lights will be available online and at fine retailers across the country.

Lifespan brands is a Chicago based company which sells its unique branded products in several countries around the world. It is a leader in managing and building recognizable and highly valued branded consumer products including: Lava® Lamps, party products, novelty lighting and bathroom scales. Lifespan brands holds the US trademark rights to the iconic Lava® Lamp shape and name Lava® Lamp and their products are sold across various distribution channels in US, Canadian, and European retailers.

For more information, please visit www.lavalite.com or follow us at @LavaLamp on Twitter and Facebook or @LavaTheOriginal on Instagram.