Wednesday, August 31, 2016

AIRFREE P1000 Platinum 2000 ONix 3000 #Review

It seems everyone suffers from asthma or allergies. I've come to appreciate just how helpful air purifiers can be. While allergies barely bother me, when I encounter them I do feel terrible. If it were possible, I would go the rest of my life without symptoms. 

The AIRFREE P1000 Air Purifier not only is compact and super quiet it seems to be the perfect
solution for our family. Sized to provide clean, purified air in rooms of up to 450 square feet, this one little device is suitable for an entire floor of our house. Surprisingly, it uses neither chemicals nor
filters to provide clean air.

Using heat, the AIRFREE purifier uses and exclusive technology to quickly and efficiently purify air. The purifier heats up to over 200 degrees Celsius to sterilize the air and then cools the air down before returning  it to the room. Not only is it super quiet, the process is quick and the machine requires no maintenance.

Personally, I love how sleek and stylish this purifier is. It is very compact and looks great being placed on the floor or an entertainment stand. As I mentioned beforehand it is super quiet and background noise tends to distract me. Having a purifier that takes up such little space and is silent is something I absolutely love. And as an added bonus, the P100 even features a night-light, making it even more useful.

Airfree P English from Airfree on Vimeo.

Results were not immediate, after a few days I began to notice a difference using the AIRFREE P100.
 What struck me first was that the lower level floor smelled much better. With two dogs,
five kids and the windows closed due to summer heat smells were becoming over-bearable. Since implementing the AIRFREE P100, this no longer seems to be as noticeable. The room also seems less dusty. The kids will love not having to dust every few days.

Since installing the purifier our families allergies systems have almost become non-existent. Although, there's really no way to be sure that the results are because of the AIRFREE purifier, I am pretty confident it is helping to keep our family free of allergy symptoms this year!

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