Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Swimming Pools’ Dirty Secrets Keep your backyard oasis from becoming a germy cesspool this summer

Swimming Pools’ Dirty Secrets
Keep your backyard oasis from becoming a germy cesspool this summer

Rising temperatures have people ready to beat the summer heat by jumping into the

nearest swimming pool. Before you make a splash though, the CDC recently published a

study finding that 80% of public swimming pools had health and safety violations. These

are just public pools, and who knows how safe the thousands of private pools

homeowners have in their backyards may be. Unfortunately, if swimming pools are not

maintained properly, they can quickly become large culture dishes for all sorts of nasty

organisms. Even if you smell chlorine in the water that does not necessarily mean a pool

is clean.

To help maintain the safety and purity of your swimming pool this summer, follow these


 Brush the sides and steps of your pool weekly to dislodge any algae growth and

dirt. Once in the water chlorine can combat algae and your filter will cycle out any


 Take a sample of water to a local pool store bi-weekly to have it professionally

tested for chemical levels and buildup of other compounds in the water. Don’t just

rely on the limited testing ability of at-home test strips or drop kits.

 Run your pool filter for at least one hour for every ten degrees of temperature. If it

is 90 degrees outside your pool needs to circulate for at least 9 hours and so on.

 To maintain the quality of your pool water, always rinse off before entering the

pool to clean off any sweat or unabsorbed sunscreen or lotions. Make sure

children are not using the pool as a bathroom as well.

 If you have your pool water tested and discover that you have high levels of

cyanuric acid, don’t immediately assume you need to drain the water. A more

eco-friendly option is a product called Bio-Active that when used correctly can

reduce cyanuric acid so chlorine is able to dissolve and sanitize the water again.

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