Monday, April 4, 2016

Snuza Go!: Mobile Baby Movement Monitor. #Review

When my son Aiden was born, I used ever preventative measured I learned to safeguard him from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is very real and our family has been fortunate enough to be spared, a friend of mine was not so lucky while caring for a six month old in her daycare center.
Until Aiden was a year old I could recall waking up countless times just to check that he was breathing and doing OK. Doing so, I not only lacked the needed sleep new moms desire it drove me bonkers. Luckily, with this pregnancy I'll have peace of mind with Snuza Go.

Baby monitors are one of the most brilliant baby care inventions since disposable diapers. As much as you wish to be by your baby's side, it's not just physically possible. With baby movement monitors you can easily transit from room to room doing chores with peace of mind. The Snuza Go is basically a movement sensor that can detect even the slightest rise and fall of your baby's chest as he or she breathes. By chance no movement is detected a loud alarm will go off.

The Snuza Go got my attention as it had the exact combination of features that I was looking for.
  1. It's portable and can be brought anywhere and set up. It's perfect for traveling and of course in the crib. 
  2.  It releases a very loud alert sound that can be heard throughout the house. Even with appliances running or children playing.
  3. With rubber covered tips that detect the most delicate breathing the Snuza Go's sensors won't let you down.
  4. With a perfectly placed sensor located on-top of the baby's abdomen this device detects the slightest rise and fall of the baby's tummy.
  5. It is conveniently powered by batteries.
  6.  No need for external wires. Conveniently compact without adding extra dangers for your baby.