Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Better Night’s Sleep the Perfect Gift for Pregnant Moms from Rest Ride #Mothersday

What better gift to give to the soon-to-be moms this coming Mother’s Day than a more restful nights’ sleep! With the Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner that specialpregnant mom will be so grateful that she can finally get better sleep at night — and during all-important power naps — and be more rested, relaxed and with regained energy!

Now back-sleepers can instantly switch to sleeping on the side (SOS) without losing any sleep. The easy-to-use Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner comfortably attaches directly onto the back with residue-free, medical-grade adhesive and gently reminds a pregnant woman to roll back to her side if she accidentally rolls onto her back while sleeping without waking her up.

Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner won’t shift during the night, making falling and staying asleep easier. No more sleep pillows worming out from under her!

Moms can simply slip on a disposable Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner to effectively prevent back-sleeping:

•     Instant relief the second it’s applied
•     Small, effective and discreet without the bulk of other sleep positioners
•     Lightweight and comfortable without any straps, velcro or elastic
•     Easy to travel with, taking up very little space