Thursday, March 24, 2016

Post-Baby: Comfy yet trend pants for postpartum mom's. @Slimsationstyle

Giving birth can be a blessing and a hardship for certain women. Our bodies aren't ready for serious
exercise until six weeks after giving birth. The extra pounds and loose skin may be unflattering but
a new product has lauded call 'SlimSation'. SlimSation will become a hot fashion trends for news mom's and mom's to be as these super comfortable pants not only tuck, pull and hold everything in position. And on top of that those who wear SlimSation pants will look one size smaller without dieting or plastic surgery. SlimSation fills that void of being trendy and comfy and provides a staple wardrobe piece at an affordable price point.

This comfortable "go-to" pants can be worn from day to night. With the every day responsibilities and hectic schedules, having a comfortable staple pant that doesn't sacrifice style or trend is a must in today's' world. This forgiving fabric is pleasing for all body types and caters to all women looking for the perfect postpartum pants. Have a five year old and a baby on the way I couldn't resit trying SlimSation. At first, I realized how perfectly SlimSation pants fit. They seriously fit like a glove on my body and my son commented that I looked smaller. When I hear that, I was sold on SlimSation pants.

 Ranging from $59-00-$79.00, SlimSation is the affordable must have for every mom and mom to be!

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