Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SOLVIT: Jumbo Decorative Litter Pan Cover in Espresso Review.

SOLVIT focuses on dogs and cats and specializes in highly functional, easy-to-use products. For travel, active life, therapeutic and senior care. Their products truly address the unique challenges dogs and cats face on a daily basis and provide products to better their quality of life.

On my sons 5th birthday the neighbor kids brought over a female cat and begged for me to take her in and get her healthy. Of course, little man was ecstatic and excited to receive such an awesome gift. Let's just say mama bear wasn't too thrilled of this happening but agreed to take the cat in for a little while. Needless to say, 'Violet' was pregnant and four weeks later gave birth to 'Eugene Crabs'. Being someone who fears cleaning a cat pan and seeing one on a constant basis I had to reach out to review the  Jumbo Decorative Litter Pan Cover in Espresso.

This is perfect for hiding unsightly cat little pans and it keeps messy grit contained while
enhancing the look of your home's interior. Made from wicker resin with metal frames and including a easy to access crawl space your cats will love the privacy as much as you love hiding their mess.

Building stuff is something I dread and without instructions I could easily assemble this particular product. The only complaint would be the door and it can be difficult to close at times. Other than that I am very impressed with this feline product.

Jumbo measures 23.5" D x 18" W x 20" H and covers litter pans measuring up to 22" L x 17" W

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