Monday, November 30, 2015

Mei Jia Home Décor: Chando Porcelain Oil Diffuser with a Beautiful Spring Blossom Aroma #Review

Mei Jia Home Décor is a home goods and lifestyle company and they have now included Chando to their line up.  Beautifully hand crafted ambiance accessories, Chando is a luxury line that appeals to the eyes as well as to the nose.  They offer a variety of product lines geared for all needs.  From fun and playful to intimate and romantic to even energetic.

CHANDO, launched in Shanghai, combines art sculpture of dynasties with today’s fragrance for your home to be filled with the ultimate relaxation.

Carefully packaged in a beautiful sleek gift box, the Chando Porcelain Oil Diffuser with a Beautiful Spring Blossom Aroma is perfect for the gift giving this holiday season. The high quality style makes it the perfect addition to any room while offering unique aromas that waft up through the handcrafted porcelain petals.

Composed of high quality designed glass / porcelain this 100ml diffuser offers a subtle yet elegant scent. At times when I review products I fight the fact that my readers cannot personally see, taste or smell what I am reviewing. This particular product truly cannot be described through a blog post and needs to be experienced in person. The refillable scent has a pleasant and soft touch of spring blossoms but brings me back to when my son was an infant.

Imagine a newborn, the smell. Mixed with subtle hints of spring blossoms. The scent is on point and not overbearing. Within 36 hours of opening the diffuser the oil will begin to spread throughout your room and you will be able to experience the full effect that this diffuser has to offer.

I'm in awe -- I wish I could have stumbled upon this sooner! Available on Amazon!
Price: $351.99 & FREE Shipping 

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