Monday, November 30, 2015

BITTA KIDDA LOVIESACK: self-soothing and safe!

With an eye for both form and function, our products not only solve real problems, they are adorable too. Our patented LovieSack™ is a modern day solution to the age old tradition of giving a Lovie to your baby. We provide baby with this important self-soothing mechanism while keeping the crib a safe place, free of loose bedding and traditional security items.
The ideal time to introduce your baby to the LovieSack™ is at the end of the swaddle stage, from 3-4 months through 12 months. At this time, babies are developing grasping skills and ready to grab hold of the Lovies.

LovieSack™ safely provides a Lovie in the crib.
LovieSack™ thoughtfully provides a Lovie that can't be lost in the crib or tossed out of the crib.
LovieSack™ is the wearable blanket that cannot twist around baby or cover baby's face.
LovieSack™ has a diagonal zipper that allows baby to stay comfortable while you easily change diapers.
LovieSack™ makes it easier for you because the diagonal zipper has no ends to match up - zips like a dress, not a jacket.
LovieSack™ is near impossible for baby to unzip because the diagonal zipper ends under the arm.
The LovieSack™ is all the comfort baby needs and the sensibilities you require when it comes to your baby's crib experience, and it's all wrapped up into a luxurious, thoughtfully designed wearable blanket. 

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