Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dreft all purpose cleaner, wipes and odor eliminator & fabric review.

It's that time of year again and the seasons are changing. While we look forward to purging our homes of unnecessary items of clothing in our closets. We also dread the work involved. Cleaning is hard work. If I had the extra funds -- I'd hire a maid. But Dreft is here to help. Dreft is product moms have trusted for many years to keep their babies' clothes clean. Recently, Dreft created a new ine of cleaning products that are safe for the entire family and yes by family I mean pets as well. This new cleaning line consist of the following products: Dreft Fabric & Odor Eliminator, Dreft Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Wipes, and Dreft Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Spray.

 As a mom my world revolves around wipes. Dreft All Purpose Wipes are perfect for just abut any surface your child touches. We use these on the counter tops, bathroom sink and even on the dining room table. Please note, these wipes are not intended for cleaning ones skin so it's not encouraged to use these as diaper wipes. Packed with70 wet wipes that have a very pleasant fresh scent and no strong fumes that irritate the eyes you will certainly find many uses for these. Keep a container in your bathroom, nursery and kitchen for quick access.

I'm a Nazi when it comes to odors around the house and with this being said I fell in love with
the Dreft Odor Eliminator & Fabric Refresher. I used the Odor Eliminator & Fabric Refresher all over the house especially on my drapes, couch and the little mans bed. Since I have a cat in the home, these areas could definitely benefit from freshening up. Some odors just seem to linger in our house, using this product eliminated them quickly!

The Dreft All Purpose Cleaner comes in a convenience 22 fluid ounce spray bottle and can be used on various surfaces. Use this product to safely clean any surfaces that your child dares to touch whether it be a counter top, crib rail, high chair or toys. Simply, spray 6-8 inches from any surface and wait approximately 60 seconds to wipe clean. No rinsing is required and this product is gentle and will not irritate your eyes.

The three Dreft products, along with other great Dreft products can be found at most major retail establishments like Walmart and Target, but check the company’s website for exact locations.
Check out the Dreft Facebook page to see how you can make your home safe for your baby, along with their Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages, too.