Thursday, August 27, 2015

We have smart cars. Why not have smart dolls? My Friend Cayla's one of a kind! #Review

Children absolutely love dolls and I wont lie my son actually has a boy doll that he babies from time to time. Some may think this is absurd. However, I see it as practical and a life skill that everyone should learn. Having compassion for another person or pet is PRICELESS. When I was introduced to the new My Friend Cayla doll, I knew my nieces and son  would be ecstatic to try her out!

Cayla is the world's first real talking doll. She knows millions of things. When online she not only listens to you but answers your questions. She can also spell words and calculate math. She really a one of a kind doll. We have smart cars, smart phones so why not have smart dolls?

In order to play with Cayla, you will need to download the app to your electronic device. Both, Apple and Android apps are available and free of charge. First, turn Cayla on and then pair your Bluetooth to the app. For some, this may be a bit tricky but manageable. Cayla, works best in a quiet room and once she's been turned on she's ready to play and listen. How will you know she's ready to play? That's easy, Cayla has a pink necklace that will light up informing you that she's on and ready. You can also easily adjust the volume through your phone and on Cayla herself. If she talks to much you can simply adjust the frequency.

This dolls an amazing addition to the family and I had nothing negative to say about Cayla. You can find out more about My friend Cayla on their website, facebook, and even watch a video on youtube.

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