Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Friend Teddy (Genesis Toys) will entertain your little ones for HOURS! #Review

My Friend Teddy, will entertain your little ones for hours. This adorable teddy bear loves to be tickled and has an app which can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play with several stories and songs to listen to. My Friend Teddy not only encourages your little one to play he also has an effect of causing your little one to giggle. Like all toys, you will need 3 AAA batters that are not included. However, if your like myself you probably have a few laying around the house.

Once My Friend Teddy is charged with battery power it's encouraged to download the app to your phone or tablet which is really easy and requires no effort. The last step is a little trickier than the prior but it's not too difficult.This step request personal details such as your child's information: name, age, favorite foods and colors. This required a little time as their were five or so pages of questions which needed to be answered. The more details you provide to My Friend Teddy the easier it is for Teddy to interact with your child. So, as you can guess I answered all the questions.
Technology can seem like a blessing or a disaster at times. If you are determined -- it shouldn't be an issue whatsoever.

Teddy speaks in English as well as Spanish which is very beneficial. Although, the set up was a tid bit annoying I'm glad I followed through as this may just be one of my sons favorite Teddy's. He absolutely loves My Friend Teddy and I'm sure your little one or someone special in your life would enjoy Teddy as well.

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