Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cool Product Innovations for Kids - Top Picks for 2015

~ Insect Lore
Kids love BUGS!  Help them learn all about the “circle of life” with Insect Lore’s butterflies, ladybugs, ants and praying mantis kits. With the caterpillar kits – kids will get’em, grow’em and set’em free. The Live Butterfly Garden offers children the invaluable lessons of metamorphosis, science, patterns, patience, and life cycle studies. Give the magic of metamorphosis to a child you love.  All of the insect kits teach kids invaluable lessons about life and nature and are under $20.

~ Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts
For little girls who love to play in their skirts and dresses comes Sparkle Farms bloomer shorts.  The shorts aren’t bulky, are extremely comfortable, are undetectable under dresses and hugs their legs better than shorts. Little girls can now run and play, go down slides, etc, all with the freedom of their underwear not showing. Sparkle Farms shorts offer the largest variety of colors and sizes of girls bloomer shorts anywhere. From classic colors like white, navy, and black to favorite colors such as pinkaqua and purple.... even polka dot!  12 sparkling colors to choose from. Choose a single pair, or for the best value, take advantage of their Girls Rule color-coordinated sets of 3.

Leafcutter Designs
Kids will love these tiny letters that you can only read with a mini magnifying glass. Each personalized tiny letter from Leafcutter Designs keeps alive the nostalgia of a beautifully hand-written note. You choose the words and each letter arrives in a matching tiny envelope along with a magnifying glass and a little wax seal. You can also send the world's tiniest packages to your kids at camp. Each whimsical box is no bigger than the center of your hand. Starting at $9.75;

~ DryPro
DRYPro waterproof cast covers will allow your children to jump in the pool or simply take a long-awaited shower without fear of damaging their cast. The vacuum seal, waterproof technology is patented and created by a doctor. It is the most-advanced and effective protective gear for medical device wearers available on the market today. Once DryPro is properly applied over a cast, the cast can be fully submerged underwater without the possibility of leakage. A great product for anyone with prosthetic legs and those who wear long-term medical devices, such as PICC lines too. Also from DryPro, Cast Relief™ is a new, aerosol spray that will soothe the itch and eliminate odors under your cast. Cast Relief™ can be applied through a fiberglass cast, or sprayed directly at the source under the cast.

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