Monday, February 9, 2015

What happened to my keyboard? Kid Lid Keyboard Protector Review.

Now a days our laptops are anything but our own. As an active parent I am more than happy to share my electronics with my little boy. Let's just say my laptop as well as a few tablets have seen better days. With a toddler who loves watching videos and interacting on learning website and much more comes the chance of damage. From simple spills to excitable fingers pounding on the keyboard this can be down right expensive and inconvenient. 
So far, my mother and I have gone through two keyboards and it's a nightmare waiting for the repair to be finish when your a blogger and have deadlines for posting certain pieces. Luckily, we were introduced to Kid Lid. Kid Lid is a simple and safe solution which is BPA-free polycarbonate plastic. Universally created for 13" and 15" Mac and PC laptop computers. With two versions available: Kid Lid Protect Board ($29.00) and  Kid Lid Fold Up Board ($39.00).

This innovated product is a must have in any household with a child under the age of 10. Spend a few dollars today and invest in the future of your laptop with Kid Lid.

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