Monday, February 2, 2015

CoolStream: Portable - wireless - bluetooth- speaker review.

Being a blogger I've stumbled upon many Bluetooth wireless speakers as their are tons on the market. The CoolStream is somewhat larger than other speakers that I've reviewed which is a good and a bad thing. Good as in it pumps out big and bold sound but bad as it's less portable that other devices I've encountered. The size of this particular piece isn't much larger than other Bluetooth devices but to some it may be a deciding factor on which system to purchase.

Once you receive the speaker you will want to give it a full charge which can be done through the USB port on your computer or by plugging the device into a USB compatible wall adapter. Once you've reached a full charge an LED will glow red which takes approximately two hours.

To save your tabletop or surface CoolStream added rubber feet to the Bluetooth player limiting the chance of scratches and helps keep the player in place in case the bass is high! Personally, I loved the memory card slot and having the option of saving my music to a memory card rather than pairing the player to a Bluetooth compatible device. Initially you will want to pair the speaker. However, once this step has been set up it should automatically pair with the device as long as the Bluetooth function is on.

The CoolStream Bluetooth Portable Speaker offers crisp audio and heavy bass at an affordable price $37.99.

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