Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gortons Seafood: Simply Bake (tilapia signature seasoning) Review.

 By the time we got home last night, I was too exhausted too put much thought into dinner. We picked up a few variety's of Gorton's Simply Bake Seafood earlier in the week and figured it was the perfect chance to give them a go. This stuff was good and it surprisingly exceeded our expectations. You literally pop them into the over to cook and once done open the packages and serve them onto the plate to eat.

This fish was flaky and tender and the seasoning was full of great flavor. Typically, others eat the tilapia alone. However, I like to spice dinner up even on nights where I have no motivation. We chose to make fish tacos and I literally pulled the packages out of the oven and had to fight off the mini from taking a few bites.

If your on the go like myself and wish to offer your family healthy options I'd highly recommend choose Gorton's Simply Bake Seafood varieties you will be hooked. No pun intended.

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