Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Benton Mackenzie (Iowa Cancer Patient) with Angiosarcoma denied cannabis oil to treat cancer. #BentonsLaw

Typically, I have a way with words. However, I'm in awe. I've followed Benton Mackenzie and his Free Benton Mackenzie page since day one and I could have never imagined the cancer engulfing his body to the magnitude. I'm ashamed with the laws and our very own Gov. Terry Branstad. By definition this may not match "murder" to a T... But, in my eyes it comes very close if not dead on!

Stage 4 Angiosarcoma. The tumor photo below shows the progression of cancer growth once the state of Iowa denied his request to treat cancer with Cannabis Oil. As you can tell the tumors grew rapidly without treatment.
tumor photo, cancer photo, stage four tumor, tumour outside body
Tumor growth on Benton Mackenzies body.

Rest in Peace Benton

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