Saturday, December 13, 2014

You can help change the world 1:face at a time. Review.

The modern consumer not only wants to purchase a product that benefits them, they want a product that can benefit others in need. The 1:Face Watch is a fashion accessory that offers much more than a fashion statement. 1:Face Watch features a square, mirrored screen set in a silicone band and represents the color of your particular charity that is illuminated by an LED display. 1:Face Watch not only offers good looks and functionality it's goal is to raise awareness and funding for worldwide issues as well as to encourage consumers to make a difference in the world around them.

The "mirror design" focuses the attention on it's owner and thus reminds them of the impact one person can have on the entire world. The idea being that every time you check the time your simply reminded both of the causes you care about and have helped. 

Consumers have the option of nine different 1:Face Watch designs plain white, black, red, white/yellow, pink, yellow, blue,orange and white/red. Each of the colors represents a different cause and an accompanying charity. The causes are: hunger, cancer, aids, water, breast cancer, animals,environment, education and disaster. A percentage from each sale will go directly to the corresponding non-profit organizations.

With Christmas around the corner I know many of you have no finalized your shopping list. This is a fabulous way to spread compassion and joy to those you love as well as to others in need. And friends this is what the Christmas Spirit is all about.

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