Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fagor Platino Plus Slow Juicer Sorbet Maker

Being the foodie I am I absolutely love cooking and everything that revolves around it and in that quest I've been searching for a healthier lifestyle. Through cooking and preparation that change isn't always easy. However, the feeling after making a home cooked meal or a healthy choice is definitely rewarding. At times choosing healthier options aren't always agreed upon with the rest of the family.

My sons not too picky which I'm very thankful of. At times I have to get a little creative and step outside the box for snacks and ways to add vegetables and fruits. I've never had a juicer and have always wanted one. I've tried blenders and was semi  happy with them. And the banana ice cream makers never seemed to thrill us. Fagor recently offered an opportunity which I couldn't resits. We were shipped a Fagor Platino Plus Slow Juicer Sorbet Maker which came at the perfect time with new years eve creeping up on us and all
the healthy choices we plan to make as the ball drops.

I'm not only trying to lose weight but to cleanse my system from the toxins. I'm completely sick and exhausted from feeling so helpless at times and slightly overweight. I gave Fagor juicer a try and let me tell you this machine is simple to use. There is absolutely no assembly and you get more juice as their is no separation or oxidation in slow juicing. Using a "2-step process in which juice is extracted twice before it enters your glass" allows the fruit to be squeezed and not ground, chopped or blended.

The Platino Plus dispensed everything from the oranges, strawberries and kiwi into almost a pure liquid in a very quick fashion. Their were no visible chunks of ice or frozen fruit. Let's just say this product is beyond amazing!

It's never too late to start. And health and fitness should always be on the top of your list.

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