Friday, June 6, 2014

28 years ago I met this beautiful soul. I called him brother.

On 1/17/2013 our father died due to "Agent Orange" and at that moment Jim's guardian Kat took over and flipped our world upside down. She's since then restricted Jim from seeing his entire family that he grew up knowing.

Driven to find freedom for my brother I've encountered countless days of unwanted stress. I've reached out to several political figures and to those who advocate for the disabled only to be turned down. Our mother has spent over $3,000 and fired two lawyers in the meantime. I can only imagine the torment he's going through.

On 06/05/14 my son and I saw Jim in Washington, IA and he seemed so lost and confused until I told him my name. He resembled a dear in headlights. I proceeded to tell him I'm Misty. He then stuck his arms out and hugged me. Libby, Jim's caregiver proceeded to say he loves you and doesn't want to see you... Libby instantly called Jim's guardian and informed her of the situation. His guardian showed up within five minutes and broke the bond my brother and son were having. She grabbed my little one from Jim's loving grasp and told us we couldn't be there and couldn't touch Jim because she is his guardian and he's her PROPERTY! She constantly threatens HARASSMENT and TRESPASSING charges.

I fear Jim won't be allowed in public any longer and his activities will be cut. His Guardian has already taken him off of the mini bus and personally drives him to WCDC. Once there he gets out and a worker escorts him to and from the building.

I'm hoping and praying that someone out there can help us be a family again.

We have a trial to get the current Guardian Ad Litem removed on 06/13 at 2:00pm (Washington, IA) and hopefully a new one will be appointed.

Please share - like - FWD to anyone who's been thru a similar situation or has power / is an advocate. I'm begging. This is the hell I've been through when he and I should have had closure of our father together. I still can't believe Craig Arbuckle (Lawyer of Jim / Kat) informed me to make him a memory. He's not blood and to just forget him.

I may be the only one out there fighting for Jim and I'll continue until the day I die.
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