Monday, December 2, 2013

Nytone Bed Wetting Alarm: Review and Giveaway!

Nytone is the manufacturer of The Original Bed Wetting Alarm this is conveniently small enough and the most powerful solution for bed wetting. It's clinically proven to help eliminate bed wetting in as little as two weeks. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have clean sheets when your little one wakes up? This could dramatically reduce your weekly amount of laundry and save you time that could be spent with your children rather than chores.
My little man's currently 95% potty trained during the day and he's having issues holding his bladder at night. Ironically, he was rather excited to try out the Bed Wetting Alarm. It includes a battery and a clip which is designed to detect moisture. When it detects the slightest amount it vibrates and makes a beep noise to alert the child to get up and use the bathroom. If you've ever dealt with Bed Wetting Alarms I'm sure you are aware most are bulky. The Nytone Enuresis Bed Wetting Alarm is very small and sleek and something I would highly recommend for those with small children as it will save you a lot of time and money let alone aggravation!

Exciting to Wear: innovative, sports-band inspired design is exciting for your child to wear Sensationally Small: It is the smallest bed wetting alarm on the market promising your child a better night’s rest Inconspicuous Design: discreet design can easily be hidden under clothing, helping your child avoid embarrassment  Extremely Cost Effective: It is so effective, it solves the high costs and headaches of multiple doctor visits and medication

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