Monday, December 30, 2013

How to save a life: James (Jim) Perry Davis.

To establish communication between Jim and his family members. For those who have contact or see him please remind him his family (sister, nephew, cousins, mother, friends who do not see him love and wish to hear from him.) He loves hugs. Please offer lots of hugs.
A 38 year old dependent adult from Washington, IA. Who's been cut off from his family due to his Guardians wishes after his dad died 1/2013.
James (Jim) Perry Davis is a resident from Washington, Iowa. He graduated from Washington High School and loves to be active in the community. His father, Virgil E. Davis Jr. passed away 01/17/2013. Since then, his world changed. His guardian, Katherine has denied him access to his family on his fathers side. And it's been reported he's lost a significant amount of weight. When spoken to he tends to cry and have a different tone. The city of Washington refuses welfare checks, threatens harassment charges, will not allow visitation or contact, and from my perspective would rather have him dead. Personally, he's my adoptive brother and my sons only uncle on my dad's side. He's someone who loves his family and friends. When his nephew Aiden would enter a room you'd see the biggest and most beautiful smile. He was happy. Now, he's lost. Help me find him again. Help me get in contact. I'm told 'not to contact him' or harassment and trespassing charges will occur.
Where will the funds go
The funds received will go towards funding a lawyer to obtain guardianship for Jim. His sister, Misty will seek conservator and guardian of Jim. This will get Jim out of the home of his Guardian and back into his community with his friends and family.
Please view the Facebook page and you will see how amazing this man is. My brother has made many smile and now he needs you to help him smile again.

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