Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SPIbelt: Small Personal Item belt. #Review

2012 was a year of first, with my health getting better and weight dropping I decided to participitate in my first mud run. The Squaw Creek Army Challenge was a blast and I can't believe I've never taken part in a race or mud run prior to this. Being unprepared, our team ran with the clothes on our backs and the shoes on our feet. The drivers had to 'hide' their keys and hope valuables and personal items were safe upon finishing the run. Yeah, we could shoved our keys in our bras and crossed our fingers it didn't drop out and become lost.

In August, I will partake in a another challenge and I'm so excited to do this again. However, this time our team will be more prepared. SPIbelt™ is an updated version of your 'grandmas fanny pack'. It's noticeably smaller and it's been featured on CNN, The TODAY Show and Rachel Ray. It's also available in over 30 countries. The sleek design isn't bulky and stays on securely around your waist. It's perfect for kids and adults and holds necessarily medial items like an inhaler or EpiPen. I was able to fit my iPhone 5, a set of keys, my I.D. and a credit card inside the SPIbelt™.

The SPIbelt™ placed #175 out of 500 of America's Fastest Growing Companies in 2011 and I can definitely see why. If you run, jog, walk, or partake any any activity where you do not want to hold your purse or wallet I'd highly recommend this product and the price is beyond fabulous. The SPIbelt™ can be purchased for $19.99 and comes in a wide range of colors and styles. I'm sure you will find a color or pattern that suits your needs. Enjoy!

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