Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sifers Valomilk: Chocolate and marshmallow treat! #Review

The first bite says it all and with candy we most often associate it with good experiences. Often, candies seen as a reward or an indulgence. With a creamy flowing center, Valomilk, is made from fresh corn syrup, pure cane sugar, distilled water, pan dried (hand made) egg whites, pure Bourbon vanilla and a touch of salt. NO artificial flavors, preservatives or additives.

Valomilk will leave your pallet feeling satisfied as the chocolate is smooth, and a bit sugary. And the cream is so sticky and delicious. Let alone, the marshmallow is sweet and totally opposite of other chocolate covered marshmallow treats on the market. The first bite says it all: “When it runs down your chin, you know it’s a VALOMILK.”

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