Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 20! #Spon #NSnation

Can you believe it? I'm on week 20 with Nutrisystem and so far I'm down about 14 lbs and counting. I'm only a pound away from being half way to my goal and I am beyond ecstatic. This week I want to share the importance of exercise. Being physically active offers benefits far beyond the obvious. It's true your heart, your brain and your entire body benefits from exercise.

I'm sure you need a little encouragement and motivation to begin an exercise program. Here are a few facts that may help inspire you to get you tush off the couch and get active.

1.) Being physically active boosts brainpower.
2.) Surprisingly, exercise will give you extra energy throughout the day.
3.) Physically exerting yourself reduces stress.
4.) It's not hard to find time for exercise. You can exercise nearly anywhere.
5.) Being fit and active can help you build relationships and gain new friends.
6.) Exercise helps to ward off disease.
7.) Fitness pumps up your heart making it stronger.
8.) Exercise allows you to eat more.
9.) Exercise will boost performance.
10.) Losing weight is not the most important goal.

What have you got to lose besides unwanted pounds? I tend to tell people I'm not losing weight I"m getting rid of it! I absolutely love this philosophy. Feel free to share it.

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