Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nutrisystem Week #19. #NSNation #Spon

For the past 19 weeks I've been exercising and eating healthier with Nutrisystem. Dieting can be so darn stressful. It's extremely irritating if your a girl like myself who tends to gain water weight during her menstrual cycle. I was doing fantastic and reached 147 lbs over the last week and all of a sudden a week prior to my period I rocket up to 154 lbs. It's somewhat depressing to reach a weight that you've dreamed of and the following week gain weight beyond your control.

I know weight-loss is a journey and not a race but sometimes you try so hard to see the end result that you do not notice how far you have come and how many mountains you have already climbed to get where you want to in the end. This week I plan to just sit back and let nature take it's course. However, next week I'm going to go full force. I plan to get my 64 plus ounces of water, go to the gym 3-4 days per a week, and eat on average 1,200 calories a day.

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