Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 18 #Spon #NsNation

 My father passed away in January and in March a six month relationship crumbled to the ground. With everything breaking and falling apart into tiny pieces I became more motivated to reach my weight-loss goal with Nutrisystem. Hearth broken and lost, hurt and alone, I knew I still had the strength and motivation to empower myself to control my eating and exercise habits. 

A few weeks ago I reached 149 lbs. and then shortly after I hit 148 lbs. Today, I'm proud to announce I am 147 lbs. and I'm very close to my goal. I have approximately 17 more pounds until the 'finish line.' Of course, my weight is something I will always struggle with and something I can only wish would never be an issue for my health and or self esteem. Growing up, I battled with Exercise Bulimia and Anorexia. I was also Obese. A mix of UN-healthy titles, and a past I wish I could have controlled on a healthier note. 

With Nutrisystem, I'm empowered to lose weight at a healthy pace without harming my body. This system teaches you how to eat healthy by packaging foods according to the portion size that you should consume through-out the day for each meal and snack. 
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