Sunday, March 24, 2013 (Health, Nutrious and Delicous Pre-packaged Meals!)

Time is of the essence and some of us lack that extra thirty minutes to an hour each day to actually prepare healthy and delicious meals. Over the last week I was offered the opportunity to try some tasty and nutritious pre-packaged home delivered meals via Diet-To-Go. Diet-To-Go, is an easy way to get healthy, low-carb, organic meals delivered right to your front door via Fed-Ex without stressing over counting calories and preparing them.

In the past I've tried Nurisystem as well as Jenny Craig. The best part of this particular program is the meals actually taste good! Most of the meals included whole, natural ingredients, with a few of them using soy, etc. Food allergies? Dislike certain foods? That's not a problem when you select Diet-To-Go. They will do their best to accommodate your specific needs with a variety of great tasting meals. The shelf life of the meals is approximately one week and you can freeze the meals and they will last up to a month.

Like the majority of diet delivery services, Diet-To-Go focuses on portion control, balanced nutrition and real whole foods that are low in sugar and sodium. Over the last 21 years their purpose has been to help people lose and maintin weight, quickly, naturally and in a safe fashion by eating delicious, healthy and fully prepared meals. Miraculously, their chefs have developed a wide variety of delicious meals, that can be heated up in only 2-4 minutes and ready to devour.

With meals costing on average of $7.00 per a meal, Diet-To-Go, can seem a little pricey. Looking at the big picture, this is actually less than the cost of going out and ordering at a restaurant or picking up take out. This may not be practical for an entire family but for an individual learning to focus on healthy eating, it is certainly a smart solution. Diet-To-Go was recently voted #1 in diet delivery companies by Epicurious (in blind tasting). Diet-To-Go is a no gimmick, no commitment or contracts company. You will not be penalized for canceling and to date I have not found a single drawback.

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