Wednesday, February 6, 2013

@Nutrisystem week 12 #SPON #NSNATION. ZZZ!

Hello and welcome to my 12th week check in on the Nutrisystem program.  12 weeks of eating wonderful Nutrisystem foods, losing weight and learning portion control.

My goal for next week will deal with sleep. Since, I became a mother I haven't had a good nights and I'm craving for one.  Either my sons woken me up or I've heard something outside that startled me. I've read getting eight hours of sleep at night can aid in weight and sleepings easy, right?

I feel energized, healthier and ready to tackle the world. Unfortunately, I can't say that I've dropped any weight this weigh in. I did receive fabulous news today, I was informed my sponsorship with Nutrisystem will continue for an additional two months. I jumped for joy when I heard that. What do you have to lose besides unwanted pounds?

What's for dinner?
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