Thursday, January 24, 2013

#NSNATION @Nutrisystem week #10 #spon

 Living the Nutrisystem program isn’t always easy, just like any weight loss program; but it does bring results and when you keep things fresh it makes it exciting and successful.

Over the past month I've seen heartache, loss and a bit of a plateau. For the first time in my weight loss mission I feel as if I'm in a rut. This is not what I was expecting and something I'm still trying to figure out and change. During week ten I did not see any weight loss. Although, throughout the ten weeks I did lose ten pounds

The last three weeks have been very rough with the loss of my terminally ill father and spending a majority of my waking moments in the Cardiac Care Unit. My lifestyle and daily routines were definitely altered. Next week, I will go back to work after a week off due to bereavement leave and I plan to step back into the gym within the next two weeks as I've been a bit of a slacker lately with all the commotion in my life.

Breakfast Burrito:

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