Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#NSNATION Week 4! Black beans and rice..

Another week has gone by and I’m excited to show you what a little diligence and trying new things can do! Living the Nutrisystem program isn’t always easy, just like any weight loss program; but it does bring results and when you keep things fresh it makes the challenge a little more exciting and successful.

Sooner or later you will become bored of the same foods if you were to eat them month by month. This is especially true when living the Nutrisystem program. When your on this program you will need to keep things exciting by trying new foods and adding your own personal touch to the prepared meals.

Step outside your bubble, you'll never know when one of these new foods will become one of your favorites. Typically,  I'll eat a mixture of rice, cheese, beans and meat. However, on Tuesday I stepped outside of my 'food bubble' and tried Nutrisystem's Black Beans and Rice. I didn't think I'd fall in love considering there was no meat whatsoever. Yet, I found a new and simple meal that I can make after I successfully finish this program. This would be the perfect vegetarian dish or the perfect dish for those who love protein and having fiber in their meals. 

With week four behind me I'm excited to let you know that I am down another half of a pound! This is the lowest I've been since I was a in college. I love being a size eight and can't wait to say to brag that I'm a size six soon!

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