Monday, July 23, 2012

@FlexBelt #Review: easy #ABDOMINAL #exercise? Before and After?

The Flex Belt is an FDA cleared Ab Toner and Workout Machine which claims to tone, tighten firm and even strengthen your abs. With satisfaction guaranteed men and women can receive medical grade tonight technology with a sixty day money back guarantee. This gives you ample time to see results and what the Flex Belt can do for you. Currently, the Flex Belt can be purchased for $199.99! That's cheaper than a gym membership and all the monthly fees. And you can use this device in the privacy of your own home or office.
I've personally used the Flex Belt over the past few months approximately two to four times a week. My waist has slimmed down five inches with diet, the Flex Belt,  and exercise. However, I am not 'seeing abs and my stomach appears to be less BLOATED.

Using this device is simple and at first it feels a little different with the EMS technology causing contractions on your abdominal muscles.You can start at the lowest level or at whichever level your body can handle. When I began using the Flex Belt I started around 35/40 and am currently up to 95/100. You also have the freedom of choosing how long of a session you wish to pursue. Thirty minutes is generally a decent enough amount of time and stimulation and at times I will do a couple session's. I will continue using this product and hopefully once I lose another ten or twelve pounds and my stomach continues to flatten I will see more noticeable results. 

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