Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sexy Costume Discounters Review

Sexy Costume  is currently offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35.00 or more with promo code: FSHIP35. Always check out '' for updated promotions and specials! Since I was a teen I can remember thinking of how beautiful Marilyn Monroe was and how much of an impact she had on society and a woman's self-image. And of course every year that Halloween would roll around I would dream of being Marilyn and wearing a sexy costumer replica of herself. Marilyn Monroe said it herself, Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting than being one. The licensed official adult costume includes a replica of the white pleated dress worn in the Seven Year Itch film. The adult woman's costume is a perfect addition to any Hollywood Party or Halloween get together. You can also stock up on a Marilyn Monroe wig and the adorable white patent leather pumps to compete the outfit. This halter gown was $34.99 and now it's $27.99. That's a fabulous price.

For my review I received the size large women's costume and the size chart was dead on accurate as the costume received was true to size. Now that I have my bases covered for my own Halloween costumer I better figure out something for Aiden...

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