Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun and somewhat cheap summer activities for yourself and your kids:

Sprinkler fun: go out and enjoy the warm sun rays. Slather on some sunblock and start the sprinkler. I'm sure you will have fun watching or taking part. Plus it will cool you down.

Story day: at your local library check out the books on several fascinating subjects. It's free and educational. Many libraries also offer story time to encourage reading throughout summer break.

Building a fort: kids get the biggest kick from playing in giant cardboard boxes and under sheets. You can personalize the cardboard fort easily but 'cutting' out a window. You could also use a few kitchen chairs and gather them in a circle with a large sheet thrown across them and draped onto the floor. Kids love hiding from mom and dad, reading books and or pretending to camp out in their own living rooms.

Lemonade Stand: teach your children how to become entrepreneurs. Simply loan them $15.00 as 'seed money' for supplies or better yet allow them to use their own savings. Pick up the sugar, lemons, cups, and of course a few bags of ice to keep in a cooler. Crystal Light Lemonade
works well too and the downside is it's more expensive.

Fly a kite: find a day that has a little bit of wind. And go to your local Dollar General or Wal-Mart. You should be able to locate a kite for next to nothing and your kids will keep entertained for awhile.

Bake a cake: helping in the kitchen is always fun as a kid and it's not too pricey. Especially, when mommy allows you to lick the icing from the bowl.

Apple orchard: visit your local apple orchard. Have the kids search for the most ripe apples. When you get home grab some caramel or look up a few recipes on baking an apple pie.

Go bowling: bowl a couple games at your local bowling alley. Bowling can be an expensive activity anymore. However, you can always call ahead and see if they offer any summer specials (certain days may be cheaper). You can also inquire on a coupon mailer pack for coupons for free games. You can also save money by allowing the kids to bowl while you watch.

Board game: chess, checkers, poker, backgammon and what not. Most of these old board games are inexpensive in their basic form. You can skip the deluxe editions and check out online retailers such as Amazon or Ebay.

Swimming: either stop by your local pool or for a cheaper option visit your local beach, lake or river. Whichever you choose make sure you always keep an eye on your children.

Seashells: if your lucky and you live near an ocean take the kids for a scavenger hunt to locate the most interesting seashells. Hold the larger ones up to their ears and let them 'hear the ocean'. 

Museums: they are a great way to stay cool and most museums offer an affordable family membership. And at times they offer free days! 

Picnic at the park: load up the picnic basket or a bag with utensils, sandwiches, fruits, chips, veggies, and of course refreshments. Pack up the car and take the kids to the park. Play on the equipment and when they get hungry enjoy your home-away from home meal. Eating at the park is relaxing. If you haven't tried it before I would definitely recommend it.

Picture time: get an inexpensive disposable camera or if you trust your child allow them to use your digital camera. Go on a walk and have them take a few photos of trees, flowers, dogs, cars, and what not. When you get home get on the computer or load up Instagram and play around.

Bracelets: go to your craft store and pick up your favorite beading supplies. Have a friend or two over and make/exchange friendship bracelets.

Radio time: let loose. Turn on your radio and just kick back. Shake your bootie. Live a little. Enjoy yourself and dance like no-ones watching. Show your kid you can be fun and you have a kick ass personality.

Water balloon fight: fill up several dozen mini water ballons and let the kids go at it. It's a great stress reliever. It's lots of fun and cools you down. It's also a great idea for summer birthday parties. Be careful if you have little ones or pets as balloons could be a potential choking hazard.

Mini-me: find a large poster board or piece of paper. Wide enough to lay down on. Use a pencil, crayon or marker and trace the child's body. Let the kids decorate such as adding clothes, changing hair colors, eye color and much more. When they finish up help them cut out their mini-me and display it!

Pajama day: being a blogger you can find me in pajamas whenever I'm lounging at home. Stay in your pajamas all day long. Make breakfast, lunch and lounge around for dinner and a movie. Pull up Netflix and watch a few kid friendly movies.

Fireflies: go out when the sun sets and have your little ones chase after fireflies. If their not scared show them how to make glow rings.

Volunteer your time: it's a worthy cause and it allows your kids to donate their time. Contact a few local charities and find out which ones will allow kids to volunteer (under your supervision). 

Road trip:  load the kids up in the car and whatever else you may need for the day/night. Take a random trip. Every now and then ask the kids which direction to take such as right or left. Give them the power to decide where to go. After a few hours (or more) stop in the nearest town and explore or stay the night. Checkout shops, attractions, and dining. It'll be something new and 'un-planned.' This should be on everyone's bucket-list.

What your favorite activity to do during summer?