Monday, December 26, 2011

Hopefully, your holiday celebration turned out fabulous!

Over the holiday break I had a ton of fun with the family and my little nieces. I did jump online from time to time to play around on Pintrest. Look what I found...

Everyone has that pair of jeans that they loved and never wanted to toss out. Now, there's a way to make them look fun, fresh and sexy like the first day you slipped them on. Pick a pair of jeans that are ripped or if you prefer you can rip them on your own and simply put a cute floral patterned pair of tights underneath. You can also use leggings but I'd keep it simple on the design.

Here's a few pairs that I'd suggest:

Betsey Johnson Metallic Magic Lace Cuff Leggings
Betsey Johnson 'Garter Net' Tights
Burnout Floral Tights (Urban Outfitters)
Leg Avenue Floral Lace Footless Tights
Betsey Johnson Lacey Tights
SPANX 'Tight End' Animal Print Tights