Friday, November 4, 2011

Respect is love, ready to leave?

You know it's not worth it but you stay thinking it will get better somehow or someway. Years have passed  and some wounds have healed. Others have just been hidden. There are many types of abuse and many ways of abusing someone. All hurt and take time to heal.

I thought I was in love but I was completely wrong. After staying with my sons father for three years and believing the empty promises I finally had the strength to let go. I'm an outspoken girl and I'm not one to hide what's going on, for this reason many people knew what I went through and attempted to help. In the end I was the only one who could help myself and all I had do as walk away from the devil.

With that said, abuse is never the answer. I can personally say I went through emotional abuse, verbal abuse and physical abuse. There are other forms of abuse such as: stalking, financial abuse, spiritual deprivation, property damage, intimidation stand over tactics, social isolation, digital and sexual abuse.

Abuse not only affects women it affects men as well. And it does not specially target one age range. Young and old have all experienced the wrath.  Domestic and family violence not only affects the one being abused it impacts the children in a number of ways. Children tend to show off through behavior and their social skills from the affects on there physical and emotional health. The impact related to witnessing or experiencing domestic and family violence begins as early as infancy and can last a lifetime.

Personally, I believe children who grow up seeing someone being abused mimic or mirror the pattern later on in life. My sons father grew up seeing his dad beat his mother on a constant basis. Not only did he beat the mother he beat his own son until he was old enough and strong enough to fight back. I can see the behavior of his father reflecting on his son and I will do everything in my power to break the cycle for my sons sake. And I won't fall for another soppy story such as, "I'm going to change -- I promise". Promises are meant to be broken.

With all this said I would like to start a new chapter for Everything Changes. I plan to write what's going on currently in my life somewhat like a journal. This will include possible photos, videos/sound bites of harassment, information on court dates for custody and anything else that I can think of you. If you've ever experienced one or more of the above signs of abuse it's not your fault and you can start over and find someone who treats you like a prince of a princess.