Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fifty Things To Do with Your Kids This Holiday Season

  1. Bake Christmas cookies or candy. Deliver them to friends and family.
  2. Play board games or cards together.
  3. Do a puzzle together.
  4. Go Christmas Caroling. Be sure to visit the local nursing homes.
  5. Visit old friends. Tell them how much you have enjoyed having them in your life.
  6. Have a family slumber party. Bunk out on the family room floor together
  7. Build a snowman. Give him a name.
  8. Have a Christmas movie marathon, both old and new movies.
  9. Visit a shut in. They will enjoy the company.
  10. Go ice skating.
  11. Drive around and look at Christmas lights at night.
  12. Attend a Christmas church service as a family.
  13. Make homemade Christmas ornaments.
  14. Make a video to send to far away friends and family.
  15. Spend time together just talking.
  16. Listen to Christmas music as you decorate the tree.
  17. Make apple cider or eggnog.
  18. Take a senior citizen to lunch or invite them to your home for a meal.
  19. Take in some free community events.
  20. Read the Christmas story.
  21. Adopt a needy family.
  22. Make a list of New Years Resolutions as a family.
  23. Play video games with your kids.
  24. Tell your family how much they mean to you.
  25. Study how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas.
  26. Make hot chocolate.
  27. Decorate your home together for the Christmas season.
  28. Take food to a local pantry or homeless shelter.
  29. String popcorn to hang on your Christmas tree.
  30. Start a family Christmas journal.
  31. Attend a Christmas play.
  32. Make themed baskets as gifts.
  33. Go to a Christmas parade.
  34. Decorate your Christmas tree as a family.
  35. Take cookies or treats to your local police station, fire house and ambulance shed.
  36. Donate old toys to a homeless shelter.
  37. Go snow sledding.
  38. Make an old fashioned gingerbread house.
  39. Go visit Santa.
  40. Have a family Christmas photo taken.
  41. Have a snowball fight.
  42. Have the children put on a Christmas skit or a puppet show.
  43. Watch old home movies.
  44. Reminisce about loved ones who are no longer with you.
  45. Create a family letter, with the youngest child starting it and the family pet finishing it. E-mail or mail it to your friends and family.
  46. Tell stories of Christmas in the past
  47. Make a snow fort.
  48. Make snow angels.
  49. Watch old home movies.
  50. Make homemade bird treats.