Sunday, August 21, 2011

TracFone: Phones as low as $10.00

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
With summer just arriving, the TracFone is the best cell phone to purchase for all family members. This phone is perfect for school aged children, adults and the elderly. If you have never heard of this amazing  cell phone, now you have and it is time to spread this information to your family and friends and purchase one for yourself.
If it is necessary for the TracFone user to make international calls, the TracFone is the cell phone for you. This cell phone allows the user to call over 60 countries, at no extra cost. The TracFone will let users call from Mexico to Canada, and allows your family and friends to reach you on your cell phone as well. This TracFone comes in a variety of cell phone brands such as Motorola, LG, Kyocera and Samsung, The user can also get simple "candy bar" phones, to Blue-Tooth enabled "smart" phones.
With prices as lows a $10, this should be at least one reason to look into this amazing phone. The TracFone, has two phone selections: $10 and $29.99. Even with the $10 phone you would have so many features, the user can make calls and text, while the $29.99 allows the user to make calls, text, use the camera and video capabilities, have web access, look at apps they like, use the MP3 player, and use a full QWERTY keyboard. My goodness, with this features, this alone should a cell phone user to this phone.
real TracFone customers
Along with these awesome features, the cell phone user can purchase a TracFone card at their local grocery store or retail store, with no contract and can purchase their own minutes. Yes, instead of being charged an exuberate amount monthly, the TracFone user can purchase a card as they need minutes. Another options for minutes is purchasing minutes for $119.00. This is a one year service card where the TracFone user will also receive double minutes and 800 minutes, for  the life of the TracFone. Double minutes, for the life of the TracFone, can be purchased separately, for $19.99. One other monthly plan is for 200 minutes and costs under $30, and  as low as $9.99 for 50 minutes.
real TracFone customers