Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Most Comfortable...Bras

We asked a lot of women of different ages, residing in various areas around the country, what their most comfortable bra is. Read below to find out their picks.

The Nakeds by Victoria's Secret, $42.50

"The most comfortable bra I own is a seamless push-up bra designed for The Nakeds Collection by Victoria's Secret. The bra's sensual design creates a smooth, slimming appearance beneath snug-fitting garments without displaying unsightly bulges or lines. It gently embraces my physique, providing perfect support and revealing just the right amount of cleavage."

-Diana, 31, Minnesota

Techfit T-shirt bra by Le Mystere, $69

"The Techfit T-shirt bra by Le Mystere provides ideal coverage and all-day support for women of all sizes. The molded lightweight foam keeps the cups smooth and shapely; the adjustable cushioned straps stay comfortable and secure all day. The Techfit bra is sensible, sexy, affordable, and by far, the most comfortable bra in my collection."

-Stephanie, 35, Texas

Glamorise Wire-free Sports Bra, $34.39

"The most comfortable bra is the Glamorise Medium Control Wire-free Sports Bra. I love this bra because it does a great job of lifting and flattering without underwire. The bra doesn't roll into your sides or dig into your shoulders, it's made in a very soft and breathable material, and it's comfy enough to wear all day."

-Alicia, 27, California

Moving Comfort's Racerback Sports Bra, $58

"I'm very active, so my most comfortable bras are ones I can wear to the office and then to the gym or running trail. Moving Comfort's Juno Maximum Control Racerback Soft Cup Sports bra is my favorite because the straps don't slip and the cups provide shape and support without annoying underwire to flatter my large bust."

-Kate. 27, Louisiana

Victoria's Secret Wear Everywhere Push-Up, $19.50

"By fat the most comfortable bra that I have ever worn is the Victoria's Secret Wear Everywhere Push-Up. Yes, it's padded. Yes, it's got underwire. But, it gives an added lift (for those of us who need it), without feeling constrictive. It looks great and I barely even remember its there. Not noticing your bra- in my opinion, that's the true mark of comfortable clothing."

-Erica, 36, Pennsylvania

Gap Strapless Bra, $25

"Tired of strapless bras that dig into your ribs or slip down at inopportune times? Look no further. The lacy convertible strapless bra from Gap is my pick for the most comfortable bra available. It stays in place without putting your rib cage in a stranglehold. If you're looking for gentle, strapless support at an affordable price, this is the right bra for you."

-Christine, 31, Pennsylvania

Playtex 18 Hour Cooling Comfort, $24

"The Playtex 18 hour Cooling Comfort is just that. "The girls" stay supported, cool and comfortable. Believe me, in the Midwest humidity of summer, that is no small feat. It does not ride up, the straps do not fall down, the bottom doesn't "roll" on you. It is , quite simply the best thing that's happened since girdles went out of style. And I am thankful."

-Barbara, 54, Missouri

Victoria's Secret BioFit Wireless Bra, $42

"BioFit: the name says it all. Victoria's Secret's BioFit Wireless Bra, simply put, is the most comfortable bra I've ever come across in my twenty-two years of living as a female. Comfortable? Check. Supportive? Check. It's fully supportive and sturdy without the discomfort of heavy wiring, all while maintaining a gentle and delicate look and feel. The BioFit will let any woman's inner confidence shine the minute she puts this on!"

-Mary, 22, California

Lily of France Front-Close Underwire Bra, $14.99

"Lily of France bras are one of my favorite brands of bras. They are, first of all, comfortable. Secondly, they are very durable. The support is excellent. I also love the impressive variety of styles available. With these bras, I don't worry about quality because I know to expect comfort and a great fit."

-A.G., 29, New York

Victoria's Secret Multi Way Push Up Bra, $39.50

"The most comfortable bra is the Victoria's Secret Multi Way Push Up Bra. Finally comfort is mine with a bra that stays in place. No more riding up because of my small bust. Straps that can be worn in seven ways stay firmly on my shoulder with no indentations."

-Donna, 38, New York

Natori "Reflex" Memory Foam Bra, $52

"When I want comfort I slip into the Natori "Reflex" Full-Fit Memory Foam Bra. The seamless cups look smooth under any garment, and the wide straps provide luxurious comfort. The sweetheart neckline gives me a great look but also keeps everything in it's place reducing spill-out in the front."

-Atlanta, 41, Georgia

Elle Macpherson Intimates Nursing Bra, $46.99

"My favorite bras are my three Elle Macpherson Intimates: Rainbow Rain Soft Cup Nursing Bras. I bought one of these bras in my last month of labor and I wished that I had bought it earlier. I liked the bra so much that I bought two more. These bras are really very stylish so my husband has been able to stop thinking of me as a mommy and he remembers that I am still sexy."


Bali Back To Beautiful Bra, $20.40

"A bra is a necessity for me. However, I used to hate wearing one because it was not comfortable. But, I found a comfortable bra. Bali Back to Beautiful bra is the most comfortable bra that I wear because it has no under-wire. Moreover, it is comfortable because of its no slide straps and soft cups."

-Rachel, 40, California

Calvin Klein 'Seductive Comfort' Bra, $48

"Being a full-chested woman, I have a hard time finding comfortable bras that also offer the level of support I need. The Calvin Klein 'Seductive Comfort' bra manages to provide excellent support and shaping, as well as all-day comfort. The straps are the perfect width, the velvety soft material on the underside doesn't cut into my skin, and unlike most bras, the under-wire never pokes, pinches or slides out of place."

-Danielle, 21, Minnesota

Elomi 'Asia' Molded Underwire Bra, $50

"Being a woman with a bigger bust, it's hard for me to find bras that I truly love. Unfortunately, the larger sizes are often function over fashion. They are anything but flattering. The Elomi 'Asia' Bra shatters that mold. It's supportive, has a wide strap that doesn't cut into your shoulders, and best of all, it's pretty. I love that I can have a comfortable bra and sexy undergarment in one."

-Lisa, 36 Washington