Monday, July 25, 2011

Facebook for Kids {}

Are you an avid Facebooker with the rest of the world?  Do you Tweet? Are you just dying to know what everyone else is doing at every moment in their lives and just as eager to share your life?  Do you love connecting with long lost friends?  Believe it or not, your kids do too!  If you know they are going to be networking like mom and dad, wouldn’t you rather have them in a child safe and friendly environment?  That is what is all about.  It is a “no adults allowed” kids social networking site.

You may ask, what is different about and the other networking sites, well…
“Most of today’s popular social networking sites are restricted to users 13-years-old and over and often have content that any member can see, no matter how inappropriate. (Beta) was built specifically to meet the strict Federal guidelines to protect children under the age of 13 as specified in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). (Beta) is designed to provide a safe place for kids to socialize online with friends, while learning important online social networking life skills.”

You must have a web cam to use the site and this is why “The Webcam is needed for the safe, secure identification of users through a “MeKey.” At registration, two photos are taken with the Webcam to create the child’s “MeKey” and then encrypted and stored securely on a remote, high-security server. Each time a child logs on, the “MeKey” and patent-pending biometric facial recognition technology match the child’s unique facial features to identify the user. As a second level of security, the photos are then viewed and approved at each login by human moderators. Through this combination of state-of-the art technology and human moderation processes, (Beta) provides the safest, real-time identification available online today.”
It is a great way to let your children network, have frieds, and chat online in a safe, protected environment.  Thier whole thing is CYBER SAFTY!!  I know, it is hard to imagine, a place that you can send your kids online and not worry about the pictures and talk that is going on there.  But that is what this site is all about.  Take a tour! Find out for yourself what is all about!  Your kids can also play games and are even able to personalize their own page!  What kid doesn’t what it all about them , anyways! :)   Be ready to have your kids follow the rules! has a list of rules that include, Have Fun!, No Bullying, Think Before Posting, Only Me (no sharing account info), Report Anyone Breaking the Rules, and the Consequences are…no more if you can’t follow the rules!