Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random coffee facts!

Getting out of bed some-days can seem a little difficult. Luckily, coffee saves the day on many occasions. Did you know not all coffee drinks are high in calories? Without additives it is almost a zero-calorie drink. According to the USDA nutrient database an 8 ounce cup of coffee brewed from the ground has two calories. The two calories come from a tiny amount of protein and some mono-saturated oils. Coffee beans have oil in them and this is the main reason why Batista's often need to clean their espresso machines to prevent the oily buildup from occurring.

If you've ever experience a really bad cup of coffee this could be due to the oils in it becoming a little rancid.

Coffee + Water = nearly calorie-free

Since caffeine is a bitter chemical and products that contain caffeine are normally very bitter we generally attempt to sweeten them up. Sweetening up your coffee with milk, sugar, or syrups can lead to unnecessary calories. For example a 16 ounce Grande Latte from Starbucks will have two espresso shots (averaging around 3 oz) -- which leaves 13 ounces of milk which can vary by how much foam tops the drink. On average the 13 ounces of milk has 198 calories if the milk is 2% reduces fat.

Once you add the cream, pump your flavored syrup, and add the dreaded sugar you'll have a cup of sweetened milk.

Calories in Common Coffee Drinks - Beverage Volume (oz) Calories

Instant coffee 1 rounded tsp dry powder 4
Instant coffee 8 4
Espresso Coffee 1 1
Brewed Coffee 8 2
Dunkin Donuts Latte 10 120
Dunkin Donuts Cappuccino 10 80
Dunkin Donuts Mocha Swirl Latte 10 230
Dunkin Donuts Brewed Coffee 10 15
McDonald's Cappuccino 16 130
McDonald's Latte 16 180
McDonald's Mocha 16 330
McDonald's Brewed Coffee (Large) 16 0
Starbucks Brewed Coffee 16 5
Starbucks Caffè Americano 16 15
Starbucks Caffè Latte 16 220
Starbucks Caffè Mocha (no whip) 16 290
Starbucks Caffè Mocha (whip) 16 360
Starbucks Cappucino 16 140
Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha (whip) 16 560
Starbucks Caffe Vanilla Frappucino Blended Coffee (whip) 16 430
Starbucks Hot Chocolate (no whip) 16 330

Coffee Extras Extras Calories (per Tablespoon)
Cream 52
Half-and-half 20
Whole milk 9
Fat-free milk 5
Sugar 48
McDonald's Coffee Cream (liquid) 20
Plain nondairy creamer (powder) 33
Plain, light nondairy creamer (powder) 25
Flavored nondairy creamer (powder) 45
Flavored, reduced-fat nondairy creamer (powder) 40
Plain nondairy creamer (liquid) 20
Plain, light nondairy creamer (liquid) 10
Flavored nondairy creamer (liquid) 35
Flavored, reduced-fat nondairy creamer (liquid) 20