Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Major Let Down: I hate when companies have no clue what's going on!

Here's an e-mail I recently wrote to a local company regarding an event next month. I felt like venting and this is something I very rarely do! UPDATE: Everything has been taken care of and the manager apologized and offered to comp my next stay.  

Hello (Riverside Hotel and Casino)! Previously on four separate occasions I contacted your staff to inquire on hotel reservations for Z102.9's prom night (May 13th.) I was informed the rooms were no longer available. I decided to contact your staff again this morning and I spoke with a gentleman who educated me the rooms were no longer available. I proceeded to blog about it and posted it online via Facebook. I received a response from Z102.9 that 9 rooms were available at that point. I hurried and contacted your staff again and spoke with a female who educated me there were no rooms available once again. I even educated (informed) her like every other staff member that this was for Z102.9's prom and they may have some rooms left for this even that aren't open to the general public. The staff stated sorry we have no rooms. I informed her that I spoke with a Z employee 2 minutes prior and they told me to call ASAP regarding this and the 9 rooms.

The staff member stated oh yeah.. we have one non smoking and 6 smoking rooms. Let me book a room for you. I feel as if I wasn't treated unfairly and or I was being deceived or lied to. Personally, when someone speaks good words of a company it's rarely listened to. However, when someone complains a million ears listen. This is my complaint. And I'm looking to see what you can offer me for all  of my hassles and let downs from your company. This will be my first stay and possibly my last.