Friday, April 1, 2011 Review

Lets face it. Toys will always be a huge part of a child's life. has expert-selected toys that are matched to a child's development. And their biggest category of toys are the pretend play toys. The pretend play toys will always be a big part of a child's life. They bring out the kid in all of us. The pretend play toys can be used by infants and of course they grow with the toddlers as they become young kids. They come in all shapes and sizes and will give you and your child years of enjoyment.

As a child I remember growing up and being surrounded by several wooden toys. I know once Aiden gets older he will love playing with the train sets Ebeanstalk offers! I remember playing with a bunch of puzzles as a child and Ebeanstalk has several to choose from. Ebeanstalk's child experts selected the best wood games, puzzles, and toys just for your child!

Whether your traveling by plane or car your child will be entertained for
hours. Ebeanstalk has a section that is entirely devoted to travel toys. I'm sure I will need to invest a few dollars in travel toys once my little guy gets bigger.

Maybe your child will be the next Picasso, maybe not. However, every child loves to get artistic. Ebeanstalk has a selection on arts and crafts which included art desks and tables. I was really impressed with the Keepsake Clay for $19.99. You can capture your child's hand or foot print and show it to your child when he or she is older.