Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Painfully beautiful.. eeek!

Ever since I was younger I remember having issues with my eyebrow's they were always too thick or two thin. I've tried everything from waxing, twee-zing and even threading.

Christi Harris came up with the Precision Brow Planning System. This kit guarantees beautiful brows, instantly. The kit states you will never have to tweez or pluck again. It also states there will be no pain, redness or irritation. And it sells for $39.95 and it's $120.00 value.

When I received this kit I immediately tried it. I pulled out the Precision Brow Planer aka the razor and went to town on my eyebrows. The razor was easy to hold. However, I must of used it incorrectly as I had a little blood and irritation. That evening I went tanning and applied my tanner to my face. Boy was my face on fire where I used the razor.

I really liked the eyebrow color selection for the Color Blend Trio, Adda Brow and Difussing Powder Duo. They were perfect for my brows and they worked good on my eyelids as well. The little makeup brushes were cute too. I also loved the fact that the tools were in gold and black aka Hawkeyes!!