Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Were gonna fight fight fight for Iowa.. Trion:Z

Nick came home the other day with a really cool bracelet and I was jealous. He showed it to me and explained some of the benefits for wearing it. Boy was I a little irritated that he didn't pick one up for me. So of course, I wanted to test the product so I contact Trion:Z and asked for a sample. They were kind and offered to send me an Iowa Hawkeye College Series Wristband which is officially licensed!

  • Trion:Z wristbands bring negative ions and twin 1,000 Gauss magnets together to form the most unique product of its kind today.

  • Trion:Z is made with "Mineon Fibers", a unique material woven with negative ion producing mineral woven into the fabric. They generate abundant levels of negative ions.

  • Trion:Z wristbands use 1,000 Gauss axially magnetized magnets, arranged in Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) matrix that increases the penetrating power of the magnets.

The Trion:Z College Series Wristband is available for $24.95 and it's available in small, medium and large! I've been wearing this bracelet for the last 24 hours and it's really making me want to watch some football and tailgate! If you haven't heard the University of Iowa has one of the best locations and atmosphere's for tailgating! The fans just rock.. If your not a Hawk fan I'm sure you will find a bracelet your interested in. Trion:Z offers different designs and teams even hounds-tooth bracelets! I would give Trion:Z 5 out of 5 stars! I am in love with this bracelet!!