Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stays on skin, not on clothes!

Dove has been around for many years. And as other companies they claim that the Ultimate Beauty Care Deodorant line does not leave marks. Boy was I skeptical and a little scared to try this with a black dress. But, of course I took it upon myself after receiving the sample from Dove.

Since, I became a mother I haven't had many date nights. Nick wanted to take
me out to a new restaurant and wanted me to dress up.
  • My first thought: really? Ugh!!
  • My second thought: what am I going to wear?
  • And my third thought: black dresses and deodorant do not mix.

I pondered for a few moments grabbed my sexy little black dress from the back of the closet. I sighed as I figured it wouldn't fit. To my relief the dress still fit me, and it fit better than before. I grabbed my bottle of Juicy Couture perfume and a sprayed it from head to toe and then I opened the mirror on my vanity. As I opened the vanity I questioned wearing deodorant as I didn't want white marks on my dress. I read the bottle and I decided I would give it a go and try the product for this occasion. As I left my house I did a double take and I didn't notice any marks. Dove will shock you and make you a believer. This product is worth it. Dove receives five out of five stars!